Thanksgiving Break Is Over: Are You Ready?

Thanksgiving Break is just about over and a big question remains for the final stretch of the semester: Are you Ready? Almost all of you probably left campus to go home and be with family and friends for a few days or even up to a week, but the fact remains that the semester is not over. For some of you on the quarter system there may just be Dead Week and then finals, but for the vast majority of students on a regular semester schedule there are still two full weeks of the semester and then will come final exams.

collegelibrary-1697314_1280I realize many of you have already dealt with issues of returning from Thanksgiving Break, but there are a number of freshmen for whom this is new territory. Here is some advice for both rookies and college veterans:

1) BE FOCUSED. There is only a short time left in the semester, but it is critical time. Many classes have projects and papers due, and of course final exams loom in the near future. Although your time at home during break was relaxing and you probably did not think too much about college, when you get back to campus it is time to put maximum effort into finishing strong.

2) BE PLANFUL. With so little time left until the end of the semester you need to plan everything out. Don’t get caught forgetting when things are due and how you are going to manage your time ( It is going to be pretty intense right up until the semester is over and you must be prepared. My advice is to take 30 minutes and sit down with a calendar. Write in all due dates for papers and projects, and then indicate when are your finals. Finally, figure out when you are going to be able to work on everything—both time to write and time to study. Without getting this all figured out right now, you might struggle to get everything done.

3) BE POSITIVE. Keep a positive attitude and remember that (like college students before you) you will get everything done. There will be times where you throw up your hands and wonder how you will accomplish everything. However, if you can follow my advice above (be focused and be planful) you will be amazed at how successful you will be at finishing everything. Remember, the days you were off should have allowed you to catch up on sleep, relax, and get rid of a lot of stress. Hopefully, this means you are coming back to campus in a better state of mind than when you left several days ago.

Good luck as you head back to college and finish the semester!

Please note that the comments of Dr. Golding and the others who post on this blog express their own opinion and not that of the University of Kentucky.

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