This blog was constructed to help students succeed in college, because for most students (in the United States and abroad), the transition to college is extremely challenging. Besides being in a new environment with new freedoms and responsibilities, students must learn about the “college culture”. This includes everything from interacting with faculty, getting along with roommates, taking good class notes, and deciding whether to get a job during college. A Beginner’s Guide to College Success is written to help students and others (e.g., parents, counselors) navigate through the challenges of college.

Students are often unprepared to begin college, because they think that college is simply an extension of high school. Of course, the latter could not be further from the truth. A Beginner’s Guide to College Success will help students and others understand the high school/college distinction by focusing on issues (both in and out of the classroom) that are often discussed with regard to college success: personal responsibility, interacting with faculty, studying, and getting to know other students. In addition, A Beginner’s Guide to College Success offers perspectives on topics that are discussed less often but are critical to today’s college student: online courses, dealing with large versus small classes, computer learning skills (including flashcards), listening skills in the classroom, transitioning from community college to a 4-year school, being a student-athlete, veterans transitioning to college, and availing oneself of resources that are available on campus.

Please note that the comments of Dr. Golding and the others who post on this blog express their own opinion and not that of the University of Kentucky.

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